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Want Beading Pal.

Q: I have just recently started to bead & would like to corresond with other beaders. I would also like to share tips like: What is the best place to purchase supplies, where to find patterns, etc.

A: Well, this newsgroup is one good source for that. Another is the 'BeadTalk' mailing list - fair warning though, we're a chatty bunch, so be prepared to get lots of E-mails if you join up! Tell 'em Banshee sent you! Anyway, if you're interested, you can sign up from this website: I've been beading for about 6 months now, and I would love to correspond. I do mainly brick-stitch bead weaving - making bracelets and earrings, and an occasional amulet pouch, using the tubular 'Brick Stitch'. A great beading website to start with is at 'The Mining Company'. There's lots of help, patterns, instructions, etc. I learned a lot from these folks. They also have a bead message board.