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What bead loom do you use?

Q: I'm thinking of purchasing a bead loom and would like to hear what other people on this list think of their bead looms? I've done mostly off-loom techniques with beads - brick and peyote stitches. I've done beadweaving on a little metal beginner loom, but would like a wider loom, with more control over warp tension, etc.

A: There is a most wonderful company in England called "Mad about Beads" who make bead looms to any size, to your specifications, and they are the best looms I've ever used. If you want the address I'd be glad to give it to you. Tell them I told you! We are both British Bead Society people so we meet up now and then. But I have no connection with the business, it is an unbiased recommendation. Re: making your own loom. Yes, it is very easy to do. I work with 11's and was able to use a door spring. I made a variation that works for me; I want to be able to do different lengths, so on the end pieces I sunk a double ended screw in either end (ask at the hardware store, I don't know what you call it) and then drilled holes in the side pieces, and used wing nuts to put them together. Now If I want to do a long piece, I'm set. A friend gave me some plumbing sponge that you put around pipes to cushion the end pieces. I didn't even finish the wood. I need to qualify that "I" up there: I work in a rehab shop like setting, so I wandered in with the wood and the springs, with an idea from another friend who had told me about the double screws, and they all figured it out. I thought it was very therapeutic, and I have a loom. And yes, that video is WONDERFUL> I rented it from the local bead store. $5.00 plus $1.25 shipping It is a good review of techniques, and existing loom sources, also has a pattern for making one yourself. Happy looming. I find that I like peyote the best, it has the nicest hand to the resulting fabric.