Q: This is a new site that has handmade beaded jewelry. http://www.beadescape.com/

A: While I wouldn't have put it this harshly, Laura has a point - if I had to download some software every time I wanted to view a site, I would run out of space in no time (not everyone has a 2 gig drive, y'know!). I also have a policy of not tacking things into my system that I am not familar with - nobody's site is gorgeous enough to risk operating glitches, or even corrupted files! I think you a doing YOURSELF a major disservice with this site as it is. Have the person who designed your site add a counter (if you don't have one already). I bet you don't get very many hits - and what good is a site that no one sees? Well guess what? I do have a large hard drive and a fast modem, and I am not updated either. I personally do not wish to update to view a site, especially when I am happy with the browser I currently have. Better rethink this site, big time! I went to see what this was all about. I saw absolutely nothing, just a blank white page. I refreshed the screen, nothing, blank white page. No rules, regulations, or mandatory downloads. I am with all the people on this thread who said a site should be accessible to most without downloading anything, not just to the people with the latest and greatest versions and hardware.