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Clay Pot Crafts

A clay pot has always meant to be fun and an interesting craft, for not just young children but for those of all age groups. You could just make use of a plain looking clay pot and turn it into something beautiful and creative. These clay pots are available at any store that specializes in selling craft or garden supplies; you will be able to catch hold of those belonging to different sizes, right from them being tiny to the huge ones. They are not expensive too which might not cost you much. They are cost effective and could keep you and your child busy all day long

A clay pot gift could be a very good gift for teachers, grandmothers or those individuals who love and appreciate hand made gifts a lot. You could start off with buying a clay pot which is of regular size and use some paints on it. Make sure you let the child paint the pot the way he wants to. You could be creative and write something really sweet on the pot.

A Clay pot birth bath is something that you could definitely work on since it is very interesting. You will just require two large sized pots, but one should be bigger than the other. Your next step is to place these pots upside down and place the smaller one on top of the larger one. You could start off by asking the child to paint the pot with a color of his choice. Your next step here is to invert the large pot and applying some liquid nail product right around the rim on the bottom and then having to invert the other pot on it. You could then glue a saucer on top of this small pot. If you are worried about having to protect your paint then you could just spray all of it with an acrylic sealer. Make sure you let it dry off completely before leaving it outside, you would have to fill the saucer with water once left outside.

Other interesting clay pot crafts could be a clay pot wind chime. All that you are required to do is paint each pot differently and let it dry. You could also string these pots through a hole right in the bottom of this pot.

These crafts are very interesting and fun to do for people of all ages.