Craft Fabric Paint

Today people can do a lot more than before where craft is concerned people start learning this art as a hobby at first, but at times this can even lead to a successful business opportunity for people. One of the most popularly and easy to make craft items is painting your T-shirt, pillow covers, bed sheets, scarf's etc with fabric paint. Fabric painting can changed the look of your home as you could paint almost everything with fabric paints for instance your old and boring curtains could just look colourful and lively by you just painting them with fabric paint. Read ahead to find out new ways and ideas to change the look of you daily used items with the help of fabric paint.

Fashion accessories can be decorated

Though fabric paint is known to look the best on fabrics that are tightly woven like cotton but you can paint other fabrics like nylon, ribbon etc by placing a canvas or a cardboard bellow it. You can create gifts or even make something for your personal use with the help of fabric paint. Like school going kids can paint their napkins with fruits, flowers or geometrical shapes and show off in school. Teenagers can paint their T-shirt, mobile cases, scarf's etc by using metallic paint, which will give a cool look to your accessories.

Change the whole look of your home

Women can actually change the way their home looks with fabric painting all you need to do is think of different ideas and the rest will be done by fabric paint. You can design with stencils or even freehand depends totally on you. You can paint curtains, table mats, bed sheet, pillow covers, door mats, napkins and the list is never ending.

Few things you should keep in mind while fabric painting

* Make sure the fabric your using is absolutely clean

* Keep a scrape paper next to you on which you can remove excessive paint from your brush

* Use one stroke either up wards or down wards as this will help in improving the outlook of your fabric

* Let the fabric you have painted dry well, at least for 24 hours

* To fix the paint iron the fabric you have painted on high heat, this is to be done after the painted fabric has been dried properly that is at least for 24 hours