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Craft Pom Poms

A pom pom is basically an ornamental ball of soft thread or fiber such as wool, paper, feathers or cotton. A pom pom may be in any color or size. The most common use of pom pom is by fans cheering sporting teams. To successfully craft a pom pom, it needs some patience. However, the experience is very fulfilling when completed with success. Smaller pom poms are easier to make and take a shorter time to finish.

To make a pom pom, one needs a cardboard, a compass to create a round outline, wool or any soft fluffy material of choice and a pair of scissors. To begin, one needs to make two round shaped cardboard pieces. The compass will help in tracing out a nice circular shape on the cardboard. After that, a smaller circle is made inside the first one by the same procedure, to produce a round shaped cardboard with a round hole inside, which is then cut out.

Thereafter, the two round rings with holes are held together. At this point, the wool or soft fluff is supposed to be put all around the ring, so as to produce a circular object covered in fluff. The procedure of achieving this is to hold one end outside the ring and place the fluff on the opposite end through the hole, around the back and through the front again. This procedure should be repeated over and over again around the ring until the whole circular shape is covered.

After surrounding the circular boards all around with wool, the next step is to cut the wool or fluff on the edges using a pair of scissors. Thereafter, a hole is made through the thick fluff. Through this hole, pass a long wool or rope, and tie it tightly. This should be done all around the now round mass of wool to tie it together. Thereafter, the cardboards can be removed, to leave the wool firmly held together. Any hanging length of wool can then be trimmed to leave a finely rounded mass of fluff, and the pom pom will be ready.

There is a variety of colours to choose from, and the colour is according to one's choice. The resultant pom pom can be used by teens in cheerleading, as a decoration or in any way the teen may wish. Some pom poms are even used to decorate hats.