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Crafts Made Easy

Crafts made easy is an online web site owned by the Fred Aldous Ltd. This Company also has a hard bound book which is sold in stores. The Crafts made easy book has forty eight pages and is of the A5 size. The book is a very useful and resourceful companion to the art and craft aficionado, because it covers more than 3000 years of creative techniques and around nine different art and craft techniques. The shop is located in United Kingdom on Lever Street, Manchester. Here you can find numerous art and craft products and craft creations on display too. To be more specific there are around ten thousand products in the stock. The shop though totally updated with the most modern marketing methods like online shopping and online sale of their stuff yet continues with the traditional way of dealing on a one to one basis with their clients. The staff is more than helpful and truly goes out of their way to assist the customers in case they need any information regarding the products or even like to place an order over the phone. The staff is ready to give the client a patient hearing over the phone too and ensures that the customers are properly attended to.

The Company has made wonderful progress and has now one more shop on Chorley Street and Peak Dale is the place where all the stuff gets produced or manufactured.

There are hoards of other stuff on the crafts made easy web site for sale. They include a Spider which is actually a tool for assisting in the knitting. The Spider is as of now, being given free with the hard copy of the Crafts made easy book. But very soon the Fred Aldous Ltd company intends to sell it for a price. The price of the Spider will definitely be more than the cost of the book and the Spider together at the present rates. So it surely makes sense to get hold of the spider weaving tool as long as it is being given off for free.

The other stuff on sale here include the old charm from modern scrap which is actually an ancient traditional charm used to ward off night mares and bad dreams. This wonderful web site surely needs a visit by any craft aficionado because it has whole lot of free information and also very interesting craft creations and craft supplies for sale.