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Crafts Sunday School

Without doubt, Sunday school is the one thing that lays a great foundation for every Christian child. Sunday school introduces and establishes a child's Biblical knowledge with great illustrations, stories and crafts. Most of the lessons in a Sunday school are phrased into memory verses and illustrated biblical stories. Nevertheless, among the most interesting lessons that children retain for the rest of their lives, crafts reign supreme.

Most crafts Sunday school projects are monitored by teachers who are dedicated to the child's improvement much more than any paid to teach teacher can afford to. Again, the crafts are usually carried home as mementos to be displayed among other keepsakes in the child's collection. These crafts come with then the biblical teachings, stories and lessons the project was intended to inculcate.

Most of those who grow up enthusiastic about the church, about God and about the bible, usually find that dedicated love during their crafts Sunday school sessions. Some are story illustrations of Kind David and Goliath, others are illustrations of Jonah and the big fish, others still are models of the animals and birds created during the pioneer six days of the universe. The truth be told-some of these crafts Sunday school projects explain the bible more than most adult preachers ever do.

The following are examples of the crafts that can be adopted as Sunday school projects to help express biblical messages to young children in a way that is both interesting and fun.

* The Strong Samson depictions as paintings, molds or illustrations especially on how he carried a gate to the mountain, how he lost his eyes etc

* The story of Jonah and a big fish where the children can model or draw a big fish and a small Jonah

* The story of David and Goliath where molding and or illustrating the story of the huge Goliath and the decimal size David is always a beloved story to children

* The story of Moses and the Ten Commandments where children can write out the Ten Commandments on a colored paper stuck to a cardboard and then framed for display

* The story of Eve and the deceiving snake where the child can model or draw the snake holding the fruit and trying to convince Eve to eat it

* Another great is story of Jesus on the cross after persecution and the message it carries i.e. the children can make the cross and a model Jesus glued onto the cross