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Do Fun Crafts

Fun crafts exist in many different versions. They are all ways of getting happiness. Everyone who looks for happiness in crafts finds it. In most cases, you will find that sitting back on the couch and watching television becomes very boring. In this case, you will find yourself looking for activities that are physically and emotionally more engaging such as collecting leaves and leaf rubbing.

Whenever you want to do fun crafts in the form of collecting leaves, you have to be very clear about the types of colors that you want to collect. However, you may want to make everything simple and just keep collecting leaves of as many colors as possible. The more colors you find, the more fascinating your collection appears.

Leaf rubbing is another craft that is worth trying for all of you out there who are bored with watching videos and listening to music. This is where you take some leaves and place them right beneath a construction paper. Then you simply bring the kids around this paper and instruct them to rub this construction paper using crayons that have been stripped of all papers. This reveals very distinct outlines of the features and veins of the leaf. Then, let them try out with crayons of different colors in order to get different results. After that, let them try out with different types of leaves for yet different results.

The scavenger hunt is also another interesting activity. Here, you will have to do fun crafts by listing as many outdoor animals as possible. Let your list not only be the longest but also the most accurate. The kid with the longest list becomes the winner. Here a lot of creativity might be needed. The kids might have to go out in order to get the names of animals, beasts and birds out of their heads. Let them keep naming until the specified duration is over. If the competition turns to be very tight, you should not be lenient with spelling mistakes. The winner should be given candies, tea and chocolates as rewards.

You can also do fun crafts by using safety scissors, glue, construction paper, strings and a hole punch in order to creatively make a amazing mobile. Let the kids past all the leaves to the construction papers provided. Let them dry and then cut out all the shapes of leaves. Use a hole punch to make holes at the topmost side of every leaf cutout. Attach the strings to many leaves and then tie it into the twig. This will be truly fun.