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Easy Home Crafts

If you have just moved a new home or apartment, you should try to decorate it in your own way. What could be really helpful for the decoration are the home crafts. There are so many easy crafts which would be great decoration for any home and these crafts could also serve as a wonderful present which you could give to a friend, especially if he or she moved a new home.

You are going to get some ideas about easy home crafts and also instructions how to make them on your own without any help or money. If you like any of the ideas, do not hesitate to give it a try and make it.

What you could do for your home is a Canning jar lamp. You are going to need a canning jar which you could get from any craft store. All jars have wires which exit from the socket which saves you drilling holes. After that you should think about what you can fill the canning jar with. It could be spools of different colors, pinecones, flower heads, marbles, fossils, mini teddy-bears, mini soaps and whatever else you find interesting and beautiful. If you get tired with the soaps for example, then you may fill the jar with something else. This way you can have a new lamp every week. It is cool, isn't it?

We are also going to help how to make a very beautiful Topiary tree. First, you need to dispense hot glue into two Styrofoam balls, then put them in a cool place and let set. Then you need to cut the silk and shape them as roses. What you need to do then is to glue all silk roses together as you keep in your mind that you will still need place for the red and white ribbons. Once your bouquet of flowers is made, you can start preparing the flowerpot. Just wash it well and make sure it is dry before you start filling it. You can fill it with whatever you like- sand, marbles, straw and so on.

These home crafts are so easy that they could be made by everyone who really wants is. As you could see the materials are easily found and the procedure is not complicated at all. Do not forget that these crafts could be not only for your home but for your friends' homes. You will make them really happy by giving them such an individual and unique present.