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Felt Craft Fabric

Craft is practiced as a means of imparting knowledge, as a hobby and also as business. You can make various items out of craft work which either has a decorative or utilitarian value. Making various craft items need specific materials and one of the frequently used material is felt. Felt Craft Fabric is one of the unique types of cloth which is non-woven.

Felt fabric is made by pressing and condensing fibers in huge presses, so that it takes a particular form. The process involves putting pressure on fibers and application of steam and glue, so that it becomes a fabric. Felt although very dense is also quite flexible. As it is not woven, it lacks strength but can be cut into any shape without the edges getting unraveled. The original animal fiber used in making felt will impart its color to the fabric, and a white piece of felt can also be dyed to any color. The original fiber colors are usually white, brown, grey and black.

As felt is not woven it can easily be stretched out of shape and a strong pull can easily form a hole in the fabric, and therefore it is not used to make clothes or upholstery. But felt is ideal for making various craft and art items. Its unique quality of not fraying on the edges enables a craftsman to cut thin strips of this fabric for various patterns and decorations. Also when seen at a distance it has a rich look and shine to it and seems almost like velvet.

Felt craft fabric can be used to make several soft toys, hats, patterns and designs having thin strips. Homemade crafts made from felt are good gift ideas, and are easy and cheap to make. You can make utilitarian items like a case for spectacles, or photo frames with borders and designs made with felt fabric. The spectacle case can be made in different shapes like that of a caterpillar, or any other animal with a long body. You can get really creative with this simple project and many people earn quite well by producing such unique shapes and items from felt.

Felt is also the best type of fabric to make flower patterns on any craft item, as the edges wont fray. For creating different patterns and making different items with felt there are lot of websites which will provide you with the required information.