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Hat Making Crafts

Who does not love making hats and more so if they are wearable? How about making some Turkey hats fro all your family members while you all enjoy the sun outside sprawled in the garden? Surely feels like a great idea, is it not? What would you need for this beautiful turkey hat? Nothing very expensive, just a pair of scissors as always is the norm for majority of the crafts, a sheet of brightly colored construction paper, some pompoms, lots of glue to get all your creations firmly held in place, a card board borrowed from any of the disposed packets of used cereals or any thing which comes packed in card board and finally a marker pen preferably black.

As you guessed, the first activity is to cut. What will you cut-the card board, of course? Just cut the card board in to long strips and keep the measurements to 5 X 1.5 inches to get the grip on the turkey's head right. This card board needs to be folded thrice in accordion style. Now go on to the construction paper and cut different shapes for the craft. You will need a small triangular piece which should preferably be double cut. You will also require long and pointed strips for the tail and finally some ears of the turkey. The most important part is cutting a portion for the head band of your child. This should be exactly fitting your child's head, so just go ahead and use a measuring tape to determine the circumference of your child's forehead. Now cut a strip of construction paper a weensy bit lesser than the circumference, so that the hat fits perfectly. Now go on to cutting a circle to make for the turkey's face. It should be fairly balanced, not too small or too big.

Once you are done just stick the loose ends of the construction paper strip together and a band is created. Now stick the card board which you have cut and kept ready with accordion fold. Stick it to the posterior part of the turkey's face and the other end of the card board will be glued to the anterior part of the hair band. Once the face is secure, glue the pompoms at the place of the eyes and do not forget to draw black circles on the white pompoms. You may stick the tails and the ears, all at the respective places and the Turkey hat is ready to be worn.