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Homemade Easy Crafts

You may not realize it but you can take those homemade easy crafts you love to do and turn them in an interior decorating dream. Giving your home a makeover is really not that difficult and you do not need an expensive professional to come in and offer suggestions. All you need is your crafting supplies and a positive outlook on how to turn the rooms of your home completely around.

Why should you hide the homemade easy crafts you enjoy? Many people never think of decorating their own home with the creations they make. Yet they are the perfect medium to use to pick up a dull room. From fragrant sachets that you hang on a small wall to decoupage light switch covers, you can perk up your entire house with crafts.

One of the homemade easy crafts we love covered light switch and wall outlet covers. Simply print out a picture that you like, cut out the switch holes and cover with clear contact paper. For example, say you want to redecorate your bedroom in a horse theme. Look on the Internet or in magazines for pictures of horses that you like. Cut the picture out and then trim it so that if will wrap around the switch cover with about an inch of paper on the back. Tape the picture to the cover and then cut out the switch hole, folding the paper back and securing. Cover the switch cover with clear contact paper and put it back up on the wall. Simple and easy.

If you have lamps in your home that you feel could use a bit of perking up, consider decorating the lampshade with beads or other items. You can even create table lamps from items such as large mason jars that you fill with seashells and sand. You can buy the light bulb fixture separate at your local craft store and easily attach it to the lamp using the Mason jar lid.

From picture frames to table centerpieces you can use your homemade easy crafts to turn your home into a warm environment. And when people see what you have done, you can easily recreate the craft as a gift for them. Your homemade easy crafts will also sell well at craft shows and flea markets. If you think there is a market for them, why not try to sell them? Share your talent and the beautiful homemade easy crafts you make with the world.