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How To Make Crafts

The following are three projects that you can engage a child or a group of children in for ultimate fun and learning. The projects emphasize on how to make crafts that are result oriented and which could help the child make functional items during the crafts sessions. There is an age that a child gets to and he or she becomes solely interested in those crafts that involve them in making things. At this age, the following crafts will be very suitable.

The first craft teaches a child how to make nameplates for doors and bikes. All you need is wooden boards that have been cut into rectangles and then some paint and brush. You should show the child how to paint one or two wooden boards with a name and a flowery border encasing the name. Once the paint has dried, you can then hang the nameplate on the child's bike or on his or her room's door.

The second of the crafts that you can use to teach a child how to make things is a first aid kit. For this, to make craft, all you need is a lunch box, some white paper, some colored markers, a pair of scissors and normal first aid supplies such as bandages, tweezers, antibacterial soap, petroleum jelly and antibiotic ointment.

Show the child how to write the words "First Aid" on a white paper using a red marker. On the second paper, show the child how to draw a "+ "sign. These two papers should then be stuck on opposite sides of the box after it has been cleaned and sanitized. You can then show the child how to arrange the first aid supplies inside the box. Such a memento will be treasured by the child for many years to come.

The third craft you can use to teach your child how to make things is a pencil and or pen holder. The materials required for the project include coke cans whose lids have been removed and the edges folded to eradicate the sharp edges, colored papers, glue, a pair of scissors and an old comic book.

Show the child how to stick the colored papers around the one or two cans with the glue. Then help them to cut out some comic book characters and to paste the characters on the paper that has already been wrapped around the tin. The penholder can then be used by the child on his or her study table.