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Jewelry Making Crafts

If you are looking for unique jewelry making crafts then here you will find some simple ideas to make a home renowned artifact for a special one bound to amaze curious onlookers. The materials for jewelry making can be obtained both from locally available material to the more sophisticated beads and other glassy pearls that you can get your hands on from the supply stores. No matter the choice of material, the ultimately well crafted jewel with a creative spirit will always have that appealing attraction and will lure a good sense of admiration from a keen observer. What dictates the design process is the multitude of materials available. Obviously urbane and stylish designs come at a cost but the end result is what is of utter importance.

Jewelry making tools for have no major specialization the amateur jeweler tools required for the majority projects are a pair of snips, tweezers and sharp nosed pliers. It is wise and recommendable to buy any dedicated tool to a special project only as necessity for its use arises rather than buying tools that maybe rarely used. Crucibles, handlers, tongs are safe possession obtained only in specialized projects.

Jewelry making allows one to create unique wearable art with a sentimental touch to your personality. As an income source one can make an extra buck or as gifts to friends and family that make a lasting inkling. You can try following the listed jewelry making ideologies to craft eye-catching pieces.

Cocktail rings: - one can make a matchless cocktail ring by using natural fashioned gems of unpredictable abstract shapes, thin copper wire and strong jewelry glue. Bind these ingredients together to complete your piece.

Cascading pomander bracelet: - this is a bracelet that imitates the cascading pomander a common scene in recent weddings. The use of a silky ribbon, pearls and small ceramic pieces in curved shapes of roses are employed to make a dazzling bracelet.

The procedure is quite simple

* Take your wrist diameter for the size of fabric needed. Skillfully cut a strand of ribbon in your chosen color. Deep navy blue color is an appreciated choice to match with white or creamy pearls.

* You can attach a slim stripe of velvet ribbon in a harmonizing shade on the surface of the satin piece using fabric glue.

* Cut small vertical slits using a fabric razor blade down the fabric length at about every half inch.

* Fasten the cut strands of pearls inside and outside to create a woven effect.

* Now attach the patterned roses on one side of your bracelet, such that they can hang freely on either side of your wrist.

* For a wild finish attach a metallic clasp to each end of the bracelet.