Polymer Clay Crafts

Polymer Clay Crafts is a craft wherein many decorative items, ornaments, etc are made. Once the techniques are studied, even beginners can make wonderful gifts, jewelry, etc. There are 2 types of techniques -

* First project is beginners' project which is called Quick and Easy Project. This project is simple and requires one mold, 1 or 2 colors of clay and is completed in a short period of time.

* Second project is intermediate project which is called Keepsake Project. This project needs several colors and also more time to complete but method is simple.

Polymer clay crafts are made up of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizer. It is available in clay or liquid form. It can be solidified in a conventional oven at low temperature or it can also be made in flexible form. Decorative items such as glitter, metals, powder, wire, etc can be added to this Polymer clay crafts to make various items. Metallic & pearls clay, translucent clays, flesh clays, flexible clays, etc. are some of the special type of Polymer clays. Polymer clay can be used in many ways such as for

* Sculpting

* Making various ornaments and beads such as pendants, earrings, etc.

* Vessels, big and small are also made from clay.

* Clay is used to make paintings, frames, toys, games, greeting cards, post cards, etc.

Polymer Clay can be used for various techniques.

Mixing two or more colors of clay with the help of pasta machine or rolling pin

Forming logs of clay from which similar slices are cut and used in different ways.

Shaping raw clay into mold to make impression of the items

Multimedia too is combining clay with other items like wire, paper, beads, etc.

There are various brands of polymer clay, Kato or Fima Classic is one of them. This clay is very firm and holds the product firmly and is also suitable for use in hot weather.

Fimo soft, Premo Sculpey or Sculpey III is a soft type of clay which can be used to make flexible items. Fimo Puppenfimo or Super Sculpey is used in the making of sculptures or dolls.

After the clay product is done, if a part of it falls off, it can be repaired by using a small piece of unbaked clay, to stick the pieces back together. Polymer Clay Crafts material is harmful, especially to children if not baked at the right temperature. If the clay is done correctly, it does not give out harmful fumes. Hence, care should be taken during preparation of any clay products.