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Small Craft Projects

Making the craft with the help of the clays is not at all a difficult task and its basic requirements for baker clay are four cups of flour, one cup of salt, and approximately one and a half cups of water. Mix the above components in a suitable vessel and knead them until they are all perfectly smooth.

Projects made from clay are easy to produce. Roll the clay to form the balls of three different sizes to create a Snow Man. The smallest ball can be used as the head, whereas the medium sized ball should be used as the body of the snow man and finally the biggest to be used as the bottom part of the project. Further the medium part is to be humidified and scratched. You will now need to assemble the smallest ball above the medium one and press it smoothly. In the same manner again assemble the bottom part to complete the Snow Man.

Teddy Bear: Roll and score the balls one smaller in size and the other to be slightly bigger to form a Teddy Bear. Now to create its hands and legs prepare some cylinder shaped clays and flatten it at the ends to create the effects of arms and legs and attach it to the body. Press the upper ball from sides by thumb and place the mark of nails to create a correct picture of ears.

Now the next part is to get the ornament hook done to perfection. You will need a 2 inch wire and get this wire to be shaped in to hook. The free end of the wire needs to be inserted in to the top of the ornament, and you will need to make sure that the hook is visible.

Now the next is the baking procedure which will require a temperature of 300 degrees and a time period of around 1 hour. The criterion is to get an excellent golden tinge.

Napkin Rings: Using the suitable towel preferably a paper, a toilet paper can also be used as an option and a card board rolled formed in a shape of tube and cover the card board tube with an aluminium foil paper. Roll the bakers clay in such manner that it looks like a rope each measuring 6mm in a diameter and three hundred mille metres in length. Fold the ropes in equal halves and wind it firmly around the card board tube.