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Activities And Crafts For Kids

Children are a huge bundle of joy, and with their general explorative nature, they need to be trained to be productive in the real world. Children require formation and this can be easily done by indulging them at an early age in crafts. Children can be taught to create crafts through inexpensive means such as use of home wastes and other unwanted scrap material in the vicinity.

In this case, here is the procedure on how to make African arts. These can be a good method to teach the child history and cultures possessed by other races or ethnicities.

In contemporary Africa, activities and crafts for kids would improve their knowledge in mathematics, innovative and creative thinking by playing board games. Mancala; an example of a board game, can be made locally from an unused egg carton box and medium sized beads.

The tools required to make such an art piece are: a pair of scissors, glue and some liquid paint.

Here is the procedure:

1. Cut off the base of the egg holders. Invert and glue it to the remaining part. This will serve as the board for the game.

2. Next you can decorate this with a color of choice. To put a more striking appearance, cut out some basic shapes and stick it with glue to the sides.

Well, to play it is relatively easy and can be easily followed reasonably by toddlers and children at the tender ages up to 11 years. Place four beads in each cup and ask the child to play moving the beads from one corner to the next consecutive holes in a particular direction until the beads are exhausted. There you have your mancala and it requires a minimum of two players.

Speaking of African based activities and crafts for kids; one must not fail to mention the unimaginable wildlife and other creatures that are unique only to this region. Animal puppets can be made which have characteristic definition of the African wildlife.

One can create an artificial model of park or a zoo. The materials needed are a large piece of cardboard approximately 50cm by 1 meter, slim carton or any hard cover, strong glue, matchsticks or toothpicks, a pair of scissors, colored ink and animal stickers.


1. Stick the animal stickers onto the hard cover and cut out carefully along its outline using a scissors.

2. Place a matchstick into the animals outline such that it looks like it is standing and pin it to the cardboard. Do the same for any animal stickers.

3. The cardboard can be painted and on it placed clay mounds to symbolize hills. For a more realistic effect, you can add other features like trees, roads and houses from to make it an awesome spectacle.