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The young brains of children are always creative and with good mentorship they will always have a craving passion for arts and craft. This can be achieved by allowing them to participate in home improvement. Entrusting the house's decoration on special occasions like Christmas season, Easters or at their birthday parties will always set off a flourishing zest in the arts. With a more appealing touch they can be trusted with the interior decorations of their rooms as they gain insight on the color preferences and the wide range of how to blend the locally available material to a spectacular marvelous sight.

An unoccupied mind in the art kids will be a good social way to start a good rapport and cultivate zeal and pride in art appreciation of the child.

Here are some quick tips on how to help kids getting started in arts and crafts

* A genial reassuring attitude from the supervisor will be encouraging as this will improve their self esteem and create a craving for improvement.

* One should be absolute on insisting in the acquisition of locally available materials for their arts in order to instill a robust mind thoughtful of resources available.

* Promote self worth of the child by showing pride in their hand crafted belongings.

Here is an art and craft technique bound to instill on an inquisitive innocent playful mind the curiosity of art. The following materials will be needed and can be easily obtained from the book stores which they can use to make d?cor' for a social gathering event.

1. A4 sized papers can be as many as required for trial and error.

2. A pair of paper scissors or a straight razor.

3. A variety of liquid ink colors maybe a favorite color.

The procedure is quite basic and simple.

* Make multiple 1cm folds from one width of the paper towards the other.

* Place a drawing of say a Christmas tree shaped template and ensure that it reaches or goes past the edges of the folded paper.

* Using preferably a scissors make a cutting of the outline just drawn and discard the outer part.

* Gently unfold the paper to obtain a multiple number of trees conjoined to each other.

* Neatly apply the paint color to the pieces; a green or red would work fine.

Let the paint to dry and such a piece can be used on a Christmas tree decoration. Similarly in place of a tree you can use a bird, hut or a person template.