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Autumn Crafts For Kids

Autumn or fall is a welcome season after the months of heat, and the natural scenery takes a turn with the changing colors of fall. Autumn is an excellent time for the family to gather around and engage in some activities together. Kids also have a great time in this season as there are a lot of things they can do, especially craft which they always enjoy. There are various Autumn Crafts for Kids and you can find many interesting projects online if you run out of idea.

Generally in craft projects the time of the year is important as it will influence the items which are being made. Autumn crafts for kids will have items made for thanksgiving and will use most of the material found in nature at that time. One of the things you will find abundantly during autumn is dry leaves in various rich colors. Ask your kids to grab a basket and let them choose the prettiest leaves they can find, in the most vivid colors. Leaves can be used in making many different craft items and here are a few interesting ones.

After the leaves have been collected, they can be sorted according to color, and only good ones can be retained. You can ask the kids to make a beautiful garland from the leaves. Take the leaves which have a good stem remaining and show the kids how to knot the string so that they are firmly in place. This craft will teach your kids to tie the particular knot and to be dexterous with their fingers so that they do not damage the fragile leaves. After completing the required length, place it stretched out on the floor and let them put a drop of glue on each knot. After its dry your kids are ready to hang the leaf garland.

Another interesting craft with leaves is to select different types of leaves and lay them on a piece of paper so that they resemble a form of a person. You can let your kids select leaves of different colors and lengths and let them be creative. After they have assembled the basic structure of a face, torso, arms and legs you can ask them to stick it on the paper. Then they can draw the eyes, nose and mouth on the face leaf and make many more such designs. Making leaf people is very interesting for the kids and will bring out a lot of creativity in assembling the different shaped leaves.