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Children Summer Crafts

Do you know what summer crafts are? If you are not dedicated to craft making or you have not reached a very high level, your answer will probably be "no". However, this article will explain it all to you and even give you some examples of children summer crafts which you can make so as to give a lot of moments of enjoyment to your children.

Basically, the summer crafts could be everything which involves the summer season or any of its characteristics. For example, that could be crafts of sun, flowers, gardens, sand castles and so on. If you do not know how to make at least one summer craft, you should definitely read the article to its end so that you learn something more about making summer crafts.

Let's start with an idea how you can make a sun craft. You are going to need the following materials: a yellow paper plate, scissors, markers (or pencils, or crayons etc) and a couple of wiggling eyes. However, if you cannot find a yellow paper plat, you could use one in another color but then you will also need construction paper which should be yellow and glued to the plate. What you need to do is cut out around 7 templates of your child's hand and then glue them to the periphery of the plate so that they will serve as rays of your sun. Then glue the wiggly eyes and draw a nose and smiling lips. That was all! You already have a wonderful summer craft which will make your rainy summer days sunnier.

Another interesting kind of craft is a Sunflower which could be made exactly as easily as the sun craft. What you need to do is to find some green paper (this you use to wrap presents would be great) and roll it around a tube with diameter around 5cm. Then glue it so as to make it unable to unroll from the tube. That will be the stem of your sunflower. What you need to do next is a very similar procedure to what you had to do while making the sun craft. You should make templates of a small hand and then cut them out and glue them to a yellow paper plate. But this time they should be glued to the center of the plate so that a smaller part of the "rays" is outside the plate. Then you just need to glue the stem to the "sun" and your wonderful sunflower craft is made. It was easy, wasn't it?

Those were two examples of summer crafts which you could try to make with your kids or your friends' kids. You will have a lot of wonderful moments and create something beautiful as well.