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Crafts For Teens

Teens can be very creative. Among the crafts that teens would enjoy exploring and exercising their creativity include making shiny and attractive lip stick. This can be made by mixing some shiny powder to skin care petroleum jelly. First, the jelly is melted in a microwave, and then the powder is added to the melted jelly. Thereafter, the mixture is melted again to mix. The mixture is then let to cool. From there, the completely cooled mixture of jelly and powder can be stored in its final container, ready to be used! It is possible to make various types of lip gloss, with different colors and scents. The color and scent will be derived from the powder, and there is a wide variety of colors and scents of powder.

The other craft idea that teens may enjoy is the making of bonbon plants. Here, a pot is taken, painted or decorated in any way that one may like. The plant is then created with a variety of bonbons or candy, wire and sticks. Paper flowers can also be included, to come up with a complete bonbon plant.

On the other hand, one of the most favorite items for teens is clothes. Teens can also exhibit creativity by sewing textile material to the bottom, pockets or any other part of jeans as one may wish. In addition to these, teens can also use their creativity to make albums. These can be used to keep photos of various places, people or things. In fact, the album can be used to hold anything that the teen may think of, including antiques and so on.

One of the most common craft ideas for teens is knitting. There are several patterns to choose from, and teens can knit boxes, clothes, purses, desk mats, bedspreads and anything they wish. The best knit would be achieved using string, and there are several colors of string to be found.

Notice boards to place on walls can also be crafted by creative teens, whereby a simple wooden board is cut to the specification one likes. After that, the board is painted with any color, and may be decorated in any way. With the notice board, poems, articles, photos, homework, timetables or anything can be hung on the finished board. Examples of colors that can be used on the board include red, blue, yellow, green gold, black and so on.