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Easter Crafts For Children

Easter time brings lots of activity along with it. Every one in the family is busy in some aspect of the celebrations or the other. You naturally would like to keep the kids out of your way, and engross them in some kind of fun activity while you go about doing your Easter cooking or entertaining the guests and friends who continue to drop by.

The easy crafts can be done by the children themselves. You do not even have to get involved with them. The easy stuff is of course, making the Easter cards with the construction paper. You can instruct your kids about keeping themselves safe while using the scissors. But this card making project should be pretty easy. You need to provide your kids with sheets of differently coloured construction paper. Let them use their imagination to make what ever designs they want, on the cards. One good tip to making and decorating the card is detailed here. First certain shapes like hearts, stars, flowers, leaves, triangles, squares, stripes etc need to be cut out using different construction papers of lighter shades. Now after you are done, mix and match the shapes and arrange them in a pleasing way and paste them on to the card made from construction paper. The only point to note is that the construction paper used for the card must be of a darker shade in order to bring out the designs in a proper and attractive way.

Another quick craft idea which can be doe by kids is the Easter bunny, made from the card board ring around which tissue paper is wrapped around. If you do not have any tissue paper ring handy, then there is no reason to worry. Get an empty beer or soft drink can. Use a metal cutter to cut away the top rim. Now you need to adhesive tape around the sharp rim to make it safer to handle. Once this is done, use lots of colored construction paper to cover the whole can around and also over lap the construction paper covering on to the rim. Now you just need to stick a wonderful paper eyelash preferably colored black on to the respective place and also draw eyes on a construction paper and cut them out to paste it on to the can. You can also attach ears and also white bunny teeth and now the Easter bunny is ready to be used as a pencil holder.