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Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids

Christmas is usually a season for fun and joy, and easy Christmas crafts for kids can be useful in making the occasion perfect and interesting. This kind of project can be made a family affair, with parents and siblings helping the kids to come up with crafts for Christmas. At this time, with the shopping and numerous items that are usually purchased, finding material to use in making crafts should be easy.

Among the crafts that can be made during this season include the Christmas tree, Christmas card holder, paper plates and so on. Basically, there is a wide variety of crafts that can be made to fit in with the theme of Christmas. The most common tools that may be required are scissors, glue, ribbons, among others.

For example, the kids can be made to come up with a printed tree. Although this project could be messy, it is one of the favorite for kids. For this type of craft, the materials and tools needed include a paintbrush, glue, glitters, green paint and paper.

To begin, an old newspaper is placed on the ground where will be the working area. For the best preparation, the kids should be putting on old clothes as opposed to their Sunday best since the work is messy. Thereafter, the kids can paint their hands in green, and then on the piece of paper, start placing their hands. This will create a pattern of green handprints on the paper. They can equally use both hands, and the prints will be placed close to each other to end up with an impression of a tree resembling the Christmas tree.

As the kids place their green hands on the paper, the handprint on the top row of the paper should be a single one, then the second row can have two, and additional prints included in the preceding rows, going down while increasing in number so that the ultimate shape would look like a Christmas tree.

After placing the prints, the paper should be left to dry. After that, the tree can be decorated using the glitters, which can be glued. Alternatively, decorative stickers can also be used. Ribbons and beads can then be glued on, to end up with craft representing a decorated Christmas tree.

With such crafts, kids will be kept occupied, entertained and they will have a chance to discover and develop their creativity.