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Easy Fun Crafts For Kids

Kids Christmas craft commotion is best suited for the Christmas vacation conversely it is the best mode to move out the vacation time. Holidaying shopping etc is all a waste of time and hard earned money. With all the above considerations and to keep the loving buddies amused and entertained we burst out with a low budget or economical ideas which may also investigate an adult creativity.

Well this practical is for all age groups and consists of neither cuttings nor any applications of glues and nothing but a monopoly of folding and painting. All that's required for a making a Santa card holder is two strong paper plates, Red paint, Black and Red marker, cotton balls, Glue and Scissors

Take one paper plate and paint the front side of the plate in red, spare some time for it to dry, in the mean time cut the second plate in to two equal halves one to be utilized for this project and the other one to be spare. By now the paint must be dried, now place the half plate on the red coloured one such that both the rims are aligned, glue the rims thus proceeding further ensure the glue is hard and dried only then the project should be continued to a next move. Now on the red portion, mark Santa's eyes in black marker, and draw the lips on the white portion in red marker. Left back are the cotton balls, glue it and stick some on the white portion and some on the red to create a effect of Santa's beard and hair respectively, also glue the cotton balls on top of red portion such that it gives a effect of Santa's hat too. Now glue or staple a thread on which it can be hanged on the wall and fill it with seasoned greetings.

Many of the crafts can be prepared by Quilt paper roll, only thing is one has to visualize the required shapes. Here is an example of duckling, and the materials required are one and a half strips of paper preferably yellow in colour and one orange strip for the beak. And a card board for the duckling to stick on. Take the half yellow strip and form a circle and the other yellow loosen strip and pinch it that it takes a shape of a water drop. Stick the circular and the drop shaped layers on a card board to freeze it. A duck is created now the remaining orange strip can be placed to form a beak of the duckling.