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Easy School Crafts

If you love making crafts but they are not what you are best at, you should not give up. There are a lot of easy crafts which are made by the kids in school. If you are also a kid who would like to become better at craft making, you should also read this article as it will give you information about some of the easiest crafts which are made in schools.

The students in schools often make crafts which are useful for them. Let's take the pencil case which is a craft made by all kids at least once. However, if you are not a kid, you probably do not remember what materials are needed and how to make the craft. Here are some instructions to help you. You just need a colored paper which should be divided mentally of three equal parts and then you should fold up only the third part of the paper. Use a puncher to make two punches at the two sides at the top of the folded paper and then use any kind of cord to fasten the two parts. What the decoration is going to be like is entirely up to you but it is recommendable you write your name with crayons or markers so that you recognize it easily.

If you are a student, there is something which you made or will make in your classes but you could also make it in your home by yourself. It is a Candy Bouquet craft which could be a very nice present for your teacher, giving her such a gift will definitely not be unnoticed. What you are going to need is a template for flowers (you could draw them by yourself if you can), candy molds, cellophane (from chocolate for example), a flowerpot and of course some markers or crayons as their colors should be red and green. What you need is to melt all sweets and chocolate according to the instructions, pour the mixture in moulds and then place them in the fridge until they get cool and set. Afterwards, remove the shaped candy from the moulds and wrap them with the cellophane. You can use ribbon to tie the cellophane which is already filled with the sweets and then curl the ribbon with scissors. Then you can put everything in the flowerpot and if you wonder how to anchor it- the answer is very simple-just use Styrofoam. You can easily hide it as you use many more curled ribbons. Then you can decorate the flowerpot with raffia or whatever else you like. The flower crafts could be made very easily as you download templates and just cut them out and glue them. That is what takes for making the Candy Bouquet, a great present for your teacher.