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Foam Craft Kids

Foam is an excellent material to do fun craft with. The easy to handle and easy to cut structure of the foam, makes it an universal favorite for craft and making exciting new deigns out of them. The Foam is available in different colors too and practically safe to be handled by kids of all age groups, so these foam sheets can be used to make wonderful crafts.

Foam presents the craft aficionado with numerous ideas like the making of the foam bath tub toys, foam watch, foam toy, foam face mask and so and so forth.

Just cut out a pattern of the desired shape on the colored foam sheets. It would be better to use bright and dark colors like red, orange, green, yellow for toys made for the kids as they usually get attracted to such vibrant colors, quickly. Just cut the different colored foam sheets in to different shapes like the different alphabets, small dolls, elephants, bears, flowers, fish, cars, buses, bananas or any thing that you think would fancy your child. These foamies can be very easily stuck to the side of the bath tub and can entertain the young kids for a very long time while they get their daily bath finished up.

Another fun way is to make foam shirts and foam dresses. You will need some scissors, glue, patterns, different colored foam sheets; the Flexi-foam variety is best suited for this activity. You will also require some plastic needles, some yarn and quite a few buttons or beads etc. Cut the pattern of the shirts or the dresses from the suitably colored flexi foam sheets. Now stick on the buttons for shirts and the beads for the girl's dresses, with the help of glue. Ensure they are in place. Now punch lot of tiny holes in the arm of the shirt. These holes may need a pointed sharpie to get done. The holes should preferably be equally spaced and not quite close to each other. Now the yarn can be used along with the plastic needle to get the sewing completed. The color of the yarn must be contrasted to the color of the shirt or the dress to give a pleasing look.

The foam is quite easy to cut up and transform in to the shapes and designs as you wish. There are more fun and exciting crafts to be made from these foam sheets.