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Fun Crafts For Teens

Usually the teens of today spend the majority of their time with their gadgets. They listen to their favorite tracks on the iPod, chatting with their friends on the mobile. The face book teens of today have completely alienated themselves with arts and crafts. Some even go on to brand them as grossly uncool. But what they don't realize that crafts can not only be a lot of fun but they are also very useful. Contrary to the popular perception that teens have crafts can also help you as teens put it- is cooler.

By using craft one can make anything form trendy bags to greeting cards for friends.

Young minds are extremely enthusiastic and creative if given the right guidance and direction. Teens can take up craft as a hobby, make something new and useful and at the same time have lots of fun. They take up crafting as a fun activity and can even make money out of it. Their creativity and enthusiasm takes crafting to a whole new level altogether.

Knitting and sewing is a useful activity for teens. Right from their childhood when they see their mothers knitting sweaters for them, they develop a kind of fascination towards it and soon start learning it from their mothers. Internet also provides numerous patterns on knitting and crocheting. They can make many things like purse, bedspread, stole etc.

Teens good at painting can take up the activity of Pot painting for fun. They can paint and decorate the pots by filling them with the colors of their choice. They can even put plastic and paper flowers to make the pots more attractive. Cans and jars make terrific containers to wrap your gifts in and cost nothing. Add a little bit of paint and some ribbon to make them festive and they can be used over and over again.

Teenage girls have a lot of adoration for teddy bears and other soft toys. They can make different soft toys like bear, squirrel, and rabbit the way they want to and without having to shell out a lot of cash. Making Soft toys is very simple, doesn't require much material and can be done at home. They can make puppets and paper dolls which is another fun craft. With their creative and innovative ideas they can make a variety of puppets. Puppets again can be put a variety of uses, from decorating the living room to toys for toddlers.