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Kids Craft Beads

A small object that is pierced from center for threading and used for decoration is called bead. Beads are available in different sizes and shapes. Beads are available in natural as well as synthetic materials which can be used in kids craft making projects. Some special kinds of beads are used particularly for kids craft making. They can create key chains, hair clips, ornaments, jewelry, friendship pins, ornaments and much more with beads of different kinds.

* Alphabet beads, also known as letter beads, are the best for kids craft making. Kids learn while making craft with this kind of beads. Alphabet beads are used mostly with pony beads to make bracelets, key chains, necklaces and a lot of other kids craft projects.

* Pony beads are made of glass or plastic. Very popular among kids fro craft making for their availability in many shapes and colors and for the ease of handling them. Pony beads are mostly used in kids craft, hair fashion ornaments and jewelry making. Some of kid's favorite crafts with pony beads include beaded jewelry, hair accessories and decorations.

* Seed beads are made of glass. Usually rounded shaped seed beads are used as spacer between other types of beads. They are available in transparent, translucent and opaque colors. Cylinder shape of seed beads is very popular as a spacer bead.

* Children like glass beads a lot and enjoy crafting with them. This is a perfect kind of beads of kid's craft making. The common craft made by glass beads are bracelets and pendants.

* Polymer clay beads are the kind of beads kids love for their different shapes. In fact you can make any shape of clay beads if you are preparing them yourself.

* Plastic beads are another common kind of beads which is popular among kids for craft making for their different styles and colors. These plastic beads are available in animal and birds shapes and help kids learning about them too.

* Wooden craft beads are very attractive and popular among kids. Kids learn with wooden ABC beads and make beautiful crafts with this type of wooden beads. Other common wooden beads are lavender, colorful accented hearts and fun shaped beads.

All kinds of kids craft beads are available in market and you can buy online too. You can search and order for different shapes and colors according to the requirement of the craft being made.