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Kids Craft Storage

Although most art craft items are not perishable, keeping them for a long time can be a tricky business especially if they are made in three dimensions. When paper craft items are exposed to natural weather conditions for a long duration of time, they are likely to fade in color and loose their original looks. To avoid this effect, it is important to store such art pieces in cupboards where they may not be very exposed to lots of dust on a daily basis. The color fading that is usually evident in art pieces is mostly occasioned by the dust that settles on the exposed craft items over time. If they are not frequently cleaned then they eventually take residence on the items and the items soon start to look like the dust.

If the items are being stored in school or at home, then the storage place must be kept dry and free from other pests or predators that are in the habit of eating substances in the home or at school. Think f the distress that may be caused by a rat that enters into the cupboard and eats the paper craft items before the school opens. The children would be so disheartened to resume school only to find that the pieces that they very much adored are no longer available.

If the craft pieces re made of clay or brittle material, it is very important to keep them in places where they cannot fall easily and get broken. If the place where the craft pieces are kept happen to be a place with other pieces as well, the items should be kept in a systematic manner with good order to be able to trace whose craft item is placed where. Take the situation of a school art craft gallery, the works would be better placed if they are categorized n terms of the class and the year and then systematically put away in well labeled shelves or cupboards in order to make finding them whenever the need may arise an easy task.

Keeping almost every piece of craft item may not be very possible, as such it would be more sensible if the person in charge of the storage would be keen enough to eliminate some of the craft items that do not meet certain standards and only keep those that meet the set standards to avoid the problems of having to maintain a very wide library only to keep stuff that does not deserve to be stored.