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Kids Sunday School Crafts

Learning religion in Sunday school can be more fun when they use crafts. Kids Sunday school crafts may be drawn from the Bible, and these objects are useful for easier remembrance of the issues taught in Sunday school, in addition to enjoyment of the lessons.

One good way to start crafts would be the creation story. Here, the class can be made to learn the story of creation by making a wheel. For this wheel, the kids need a pair of scissors, a pencil, a ruler, a cardboard, glue, marker pens and cotton. From the cardboard, circles of a radius of about twelve centimeters are cut. The circle should then be partitioned into eight parts, with each portion representing the days of creation.

Using marker pens, the kids will then make decorations on the various portions of the wheel, as they learn about the different aspects of creation for seven days. Each day will be represented in a different color or decoration, so that the kids can easily remember. On the first portion, the day God divided day from night will be represented according to the preference of the kids. The second portion will represent the day God created the sky. Here, the cotton can be used to represent clouds in the sky. The third portion will show how God separated land from the sea, and the fourth segment will represent how God created the sun, the moon and the stars.

The fifth segment will represent when God created birds of the air and fishes of the sea, while the sixth will represent the creation of animals and man. The seventh portion will be a representation of when God rested. The final segment will be used for the title, the segment of which can be left open.

Sunday school crafts for kids are a great way for the children to learn, internalize and be able to remember their Bible studies, while at the same time having fun. In addition to Bible stories, the kids can use Sunday school crafts to learn about family values. For example, kids can be taught about the importance of family by having them use plastic containers, which are transparent. Each kid will need a pair of identical plastic containers, where they will place differently colored pictures representing the lessons they have learnt.

Besides having fun and remembering, crafts will help develop the creativity of kids.

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