Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

The following two kids Thanksgiving crafts are not only fun but special ways of celebrating the special occasion. Families usually engage in craft projects for the simple reason of spending quality time together during Thanksgiving. Kids especially love such sessions when they are entrusted with the creation process of an object. The easiest kids Thanksgiving crafts are of course the decorative crafts that help display the kid's burgeoning talent to all the guests and family members.

One great idea you can try with your kids this Thanksgiving season is modeling a pinecone turkey. We all know that turkey is the American main course during Thanksgiving. The kids will know that they will be having turkey at the dinner table and having them model a turkey rhymes with the occasion. It is easy and inexpensive since all that you need to supply to the kids are:

* A pinecone

* A pair of scissors

* A red paper

* Some colored pipe cleaners

* Two wiggle eyes

* Glue

Show the child how to place the pinecone on a flat surface and then cutting the colored pipe cleaners into small pieces for the feathers. The feathers should then be glued on to the cone towards one end that forms the back of your turkey. Let the child choose alternate colors to glue all over the turkey's body.

Once this is done, you can then help the child to fashion out a head and beak from the brown pipe cleaner by twisting the two ends together and gluing it to the pinecone at the front end. The child can then glue the wiggle eyes on either of the head. You can then help the child to shape and glue the turkey legs with their feet from the remaining pipes.

The second of the kids Thanksgiving crafts ideas you can try is the Indian cardholder made from cone. You might be receiving guests for the Thanksgiving dinner. You can help your child to make cardholders to hold the names of the guests in front of their seat on the dinner table.

For this, provide some toilet paper cardboard tubes, some assorted colored papers a hole punch, scissors and glue. You should guide your child in cutting the tube into small pieces for the number of cardholders you need and then cutting these pieces into oval shapes making a slit on one edge of the circumference. That slit allows you to slip the card into the hollow pipe.