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Kids Wood Crafts

Children feel excited about creating things with their own hands. This way hand and eye coordination develops and encourages children to get imaginative and creative and let them think independently. Paper, glue scissors and glitter are only materials normally used in kids' craft. However children will enjoy creating things from wood too if allowed to lay their hands on them. Wood crafts although sounds difficult can be easily made by introducing kids to simple projects.

Small pieces of wood can be transformed into decorative pieces or ornaments for Christmas trees. Small chunks of wood which seem to be of no use to you can be converted into adorable items. Converting unwanted pieces of wood into something useful for the house can enlighten a kids mind as it makes them feel smart and capable.

Let kids start wood craft by first making a key holder. When the kids find misplaced keys all hung neatly on to the pegs of the key holder, it will make them feel proud. It will also teach them their first lesson on how to get organized.

Make snowman from small logs of wood. Paint a small log of wood with white paint, use white or transparent glitter paint for its second coat. Use a small piece of cloth to make its look like scarf around the neck. Stick buttons to create the eye and orange crayon for creating the nose. For the cap use the elongated lid of a bottle.

A toy box will also make an interesting project. An easy option is to opt for pre cut parts. This will provide the kids with a wider variety. Encourage children to use sandpaper on the rough surface of the wood before painting it with the color of their choice.

A flat painted wooden board can be used to paint a message like "Happy New Year", "Happy Birthday' or "Merry Christmas". These boards can be stuck on the fridge if magnets are used on its back

Sticks and twigs commonly available in the backyard can be used to create miniature tables and chairs. Use sturdy sticks for its legs; glue it on to thin wooden frame. Different pieces of furniture's can be created with twigs and sticks once the technique is mastered.

Wood crafts are durable and last for long. The finishing touch of wood craft must be neat and presentable. Introduce them to new things as often as possible as it will retain their interested.