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Paint Crafts For Kids

There is no child in the whole planet who does not like to have fun. The idea of having fun does vary of course. But the universal thing about fun is that it is enjoyable and makes the kids happy. Having fun is a different thing and having fun while at school is a totally different thing altogether. One such fun activity which can be done during the school craft activity is the paint crafts activity. The children of all age groups can participate in such activities, which makes these fun crafts activities more special and appealing and practically applicable to a school curriculum too.

The younger kids can be given a paint craft project which involves lot of use of their hands, because younger kids have tendency to take interest in using their hands to do any activity rather than using a brush or any other stuff which needs to be handled with effort. These small kids can be given a project to paint their palms and then transfer the palm prints on to the white paper covered card board. The use of glitter on the wet palm print paint on the white paper will definitely look more appealing to the kids. Once thoroughly dry, the outlines of the palms could be cut out by the teacher. These palm printed card boards could be now glued on to a small box mad from card board, held together firmly by the use of some pins and a square shaped hollow case could be created, to hold the kids stuff like the color pencils or erasers etc.

The older kids can be given various items like the beads, buttons, shells, vegetables or dried leaves and flowers to paint upon. This painted stuff can then be used freely to embellish other craft products like the paper dolls, quilt crafts, collages, or what ever may suit the imagination of the teacher and the children.

Pumpkin painting is an activity, every one of has done in the childhood and during school craft activity. Do you not remember those activities with lot of excitement and fun even now? This craft activity is a real thrill for the children and fun to instruct and teach for the teacher.

The paint craft activities are not necessarily done only in school, the children and the parents or the grand parents can have loads of fun doing such exciting activities to while away the time during the vacations.