School Bus Craft

Craft activities not only are fun for the kids but also serve as a tool to give valuable lessons. Apart from developing motor skills the child begins to learn various things about the theme of the craft project that he is doing. School bus craft will teach the child about various things in regard to a school bus and the different tasks and persons associated with it. This can be a preschool project as it will make the child aware of the different things which are important while driving inside a school bus. He will come to know how he should behave and what things would be dangerous to do inside a school bus.

The school bus craft project itself can be in the form of paper pieces which the child can assemble to form a school bus. You will need to first print various pictures of school buses in color and black and white. You need pictures from various angles, like from each of the four sides, preferably of the same bus. These will serve as the templates and you need to cut the outline of each side of the bus. Stick these on a thicker paper or cardboard. Make the edges in such a way that they can fit into the corresponding other pieces.

Once the pieces are ready the child can be asked to assemble them to form the bus. This craft can be accompanied by various photos of the inside of the bus. The child can be asked to identify the driver's seat and the person who should sit as the driver. He can also be taught the places where he can sit. This can be accompanied by instructions of how one should behave while in the school bus and the things which should never be done when the bus is moving.

School bus craft can also be in the form of a coloring project where the child is asked to color the various sections of the bus. This way he can recognize the different shades of yellow color that a school bus is usually painted. The craft can also take the form of a game where in the child is quizzed about the different safety rules and the way he should board and exit from a school bus.

School bus craft is a fun way of learning for the child of the different aspects of a school bus, and how he should behave in one. This craft will make him ready for the actual ride.