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Valentine's Crafts For Kids

Many of us look forward to Valentine's Day for it is fun-filled. It acts as a mood-swinger for kids too when they are allowed to create gifts on their own. This not only lets the kids exhibit their creative side but also lets them shower their feeling and appreciation for their family and friends. Here are some easy craft ideas for kids to get involved in.

Valentine cards - Card-making is easy and requires common materials like crayons, color pencils, scissors, paint and paint brush, card papers and cardboards, paste, scissors, glitters, dry flowers among others. Use a colored cardboard and cut it into a shape of your desire. Valentine cards normally are heart-shaped and red in color. But you could try using other shapes and colors. Alternatively you could use red colored petals or could even try doing collage. The possibilities are endless.

Classic cut outs - You will need a strip of char paper, a marker, scissors and stickers and glue for decoration. Cut long strips of card paper and fold them like an accordion. Without unfolding the strip draw and cut out a shape such as a heart or a butterfly. Remember to keep the folded edges connected. Open the strips and decorate your creations with stickers or gluing small pieces of colored paper. Spend your holiday using your imagination. Male long chains of various shapes decorate them and hang them on the walls.

Plasticine figures - Buy some colorful plasticine from the shop. It you can't get any use flour, salt and water and water-color paints. Ask you mom for help to make the play dough. Use the same amount of flour and salt and add just little water. Knead it well and divided the balls. Now add different color paint to each ball. You are now ready to mould your figures. It's not difficult. Just take your time. Try to make different shapes which you can think of.

Wardrobe stickers - Trace the shape of a heart, butterfly or bird on cardboard or card paper. Use different colors for different parts of the body. Use colors and buttons to decorate them. It is safer to sew the buttons on rather than to stick them on They will not fall off easily. These can be used to stick on the wardrobe.

These activities will keep the kids occupied with some constructive work and make them feel proud of their creations. It is an excellent way of channelizing their energy indeed. Some tasks are simple and some a little difficult, so for the younger age groups parental supervision could probably be required.