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Winter Craft For Kids

With the advent of winter vacations, as the streets outside gets colder; our houses warm up with love and affection. Families come together and share the spirit of Christmas! It is this time of the year when the kids have all the time in the world and not much can be done outside. Let us make this winter break a little different and a little more special than the others. So how about indulging in some winter craft at home? Winter craft would allow the most productive use of time. It not only brings in a very personalized touch to your Christmas decorations but also allows your kids to hone their talent in craft and display it for the family to admire.

Winter crafts give families reasons to come together, share time and make memories for life. You never know how close it brings you to your child while you are working on a gingerbread man!! Don't forget to bring out the scrap lying in your houses. Take out the old torn clothes, the useless paper bags and the box full of dried paint. Use it all to come up with the most inventive decorations ever. There is so much to do, from paper mache to mosaic to glass paintings.

Another interesting winter craft for kid's idea is making a glitter bottle which is very easy task and looks very beautiful. You need a plastic bottle of small size, hot glue, metal glitter and light corn syrup. First of all pour corn syrup into the bottle to 2/3 of it. Add glitters in the syrup. You can add small toys or plastic bead as well. Pour water in the empty space of the bottle and shake it after tightening its lid. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle. Now you have made a sparkling glitter bottle. It will sparkle when you shake it.

Create your own 2D and 3D snowman and Christmas trees. This season of the red, green and white, let the kids color their dream house. When everybody else would be using decorations from Macy's, your house would stand out. Moreover, there would be love and compassion in the air like never before. This is how you live the spirit of Christmas. Winter craft offers a huge scope to unearth your creative potential. It knits the family together in a new special bond. And it gives your child to do something fun and creative through the winter break. So this winter, make the most of it!!