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Butterfly Paper Craft

Below are some of the easy paper butterfly crafts that are enjoyed by kids:

Stuffed Newspaper Butterfly

Materials - Newspaper, various colors paint, (red can be used; white and blue and the various colors can be mixed to produce pink and purple), and something that can sew up the sides and it can be a stapler or hole punch that has string or wool.


* The full sheets of newspaper are taken and laid on top of each other. It is important to keep in mind that black and white pages are easier to use for the top ad bottom as they are easier paint over than newspaper that is colored.

* One of the sides is then stapled up or holes can be punched by using the hole punch. The sides can be sawn up using wool also. The pouch that has just been created is opened up and then stuffed up with crumbled newspaper.

* The other side is now stapled or shut up.

* The entire process is then repeated in making of a second triangle or butterfly wing.

* Two more full sheets of newspaper are then taken and folded into half. This time, you are targeting to fold it into a rectangular shape. A body shape is then made by folding it into half again.

* The two sides are then stapled or sewn up way round.

* The body should then be opened up and stuffed full of crumbled newspaper.

* The third side is shut by stapling or sewing up.

* A Base color is painted on the butterfly wings and allowed to dry.

* A second coat can be added if needed.

* The butterfly body is also painted a base color

* The wings can be decorated using sponges or cut potatoes with paints and then allow drying.

* A piece of white paper is then folded in half and a circle cut out. Two identical circles should be achieved.

* The circles are painted and colored like eyeballs and glued to the body

* A mouth is then cut out, painted or colored and glued to the body

* The wings are then stapled onto the body

* The butterfly can be hanged up the ceiling or on the wall.

A child can also enjoy making a thumb print caterpillar and butterfly craft