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Card Craft Uk

Have you noticed how much greeting cards cost lately? It is getting more and more expensive to pick up a card to send to a friend or a loved one. Instead of spending your money on a single card that costs more than you planned on spending and really doesn't say what you want to say, you need to start making your own. Card craft UK has become popular as people are starting to find ways to cut costs and it is very easy to get started in this unique craft.

To start with card craft UK you need to choose the right type of paper for the card itself. Cardstock and heavy paper is the best thing to use for the outside of the card. It is a better surface to work on and it is sturdier, able to handle decorations ranging from fabric that you cut and paste onto the card to rubber stamps and embossing techniques. Cardstock also comes in a variety of colors in the event you want to use a base color other than just white. Once you have found the right paper base for your card craft UK, you need to decide how big to make your card. Keep in mind how the card will be delivered when you decide how big to make it. Oversized cards will cost more to send via the postal system.

How you decorate your card craft UK project is entirely up to you. Your imagination is the limit and you can use any medium at hand. Consider using old greeting card elements to decorate your card and don't forget things like rubber stamps, sequins, ribbon, and colored markers. Making homemade greeting cards is in its own way a form of scrapbooking, just on a smaller version.

Don't forget to personalize the card as well. You want the person you send the card to to know who made the card. You can sign the back of the card and you should be able to find a rubber stamp at your local store that tells them it was handmade. If you intend to make this a full blown hobby you may want to buy a specialty stamp for this purpose.

When you get involved in card craft UK projects, you are sending a message to the card's recipient: you care about them enough to send them one of your own creations.