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Craft Paper Envelopes

Are you a person who loves to play with the paper creating decorations that work on every occasion? Do you love to make your own things without buying them from the market? Is your hobby making paper envelopes? If so, here are some useful tips on how to make your own craft paper envelopes.

Designing envelopes, it's a fun activity and a great opportunity to personalize invitations or greeting cards. In order to create a paper envelope you need the following supplies: pieces of paper, a pencil, scissors, glue and if you like glittering stickers. The process is rather simple, being accessible to everyone.

The first step when creating an envelope is to collect all the needed supplies. You may purchase them from a library or you might just have them in your home. You can use multicoloured paper which can be cut in different fun shapes for original envelopes. When working with the paper it's advisable not to use acetate glue as it may discolour it.

Take a piece of paper and draw the shapes of your envelope. Cut it along the lines and then glue them together until you complete your envelope. You can cut the paper into many shapes, but be careful to design them clearly in order to form an envelope when being combined.

In order to catch the eye of everyone, decorate your envelope adding coloured paper, glittering stickers or you can draw them with different shapes or simple lines for texture. The resulting envelopes will be perfect for sending cards to close friends and family members. For more fun, ask your kids to help you, as their imagination will simply add taste to your work.

For even more pleasant surprises, you can make curved-flap envelopes for your friends. These craft envelopes are nicer because of the special forms. In order to make them, fold the flaps towards the centre pushing the edge of the last flap under the first one. Tape the flaps after folding them in order to complete the envelope. If you want to seal it, you can place a beautiful sticker in the centre where the flaps meet. It's no need to buy new coloured paper as recycled paper works just fine, adding originality to your work. You can even write cute messages inside of the envelopes instead of introducing greeting cards. This will surely pull out a smile from the face of your friends.