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Crafts Using Paper

Most contemporary crafts employ assorted kinds of paper as the best materials. Crafts using paper provides a wide variety of functional ideas. Paper crafts date back to many centuries since paper was discovered. Paper crafts are ideal for craft fans of all ages ranging from kids, armatures to expert craft makers. There are several reasons why most crafts employ papers as the main raw material. Some of these reasons are:

* Ease of use such that they are easy to handle

* Papers are readily available in every locality

* Papers are relatively cheap

* Papers are safe for children and do not require dangerous tools to use for kids crafts

* Availability of assorted colors such that you can find papers of any desired color for your paper craft

* Papers do not necessarily have to be bought since they are readily available at home either as waste or reused

There are several ways papers are used as the material for crafts. Some of these are used together in a single project while others are used alone. The particular craft is what determines the way paper is used. For instance, crafts using paper can involve:

* Folding papers to a particular shape

* Cutting patterns on a folded paper so as to create patterns for display

* Cutting out shapes out of a blank paper, for masks, pasting etc

* Cutting out images that have been drawn, painted and or printed onto paper such as cartoon books

* Drawing and coloring on paper

* Painting on plain papers

The following is an example of crafts using paper as the raw material. Remember, the idea is to express your creativity uniquely and artistically. The first example of crafts using paper, which is in popular use and yet always appealing to many craft fans, is the trick or treat bags. The easiest way to go about the trick or treat bags is to paste pumpkin cut outs that have been made from construction papers of assorted colors ranging from pink to black.

Cut out distinct facial features from the construction paper and then paste them on the bag, adding such special features as ears, fangs, noses and horns. You can then fill the bags with a host of goodies, fold them and then close their top with tape. That is just an example of what you can do with paper, easy and cheap yet as appealing as any craft.