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All that is required to learn the ancient art of origami is a few colored craft papers and some neat folds. Origami has fascinated people of different age groups. Animals, birds, insects, wallet, yacht, caps, trees whistle, fan etc. can be made through origami. This art can be used to create amazing models and the same can be used to decorate a child's room. You could also use your creativity to make new models. This Japanese art will help bring your child's talent hidden to the surface.

Fox head - Fold the conflicting corners of a square colored paper together to coincide exactly. Now fold the right and the left corners of the folded paper to form the fox's raised ears. Draw the eyes and nose and the fox head is ready.

Wiggly worm - Fold the strip of a chart paper like an accordion. Take a piece of string and tie a knot to one end. Cut the ends of the strip in the shape of 'V'. Color each fold in different colors. Cut a hole in the pointed end of the strip and run the string through it. Color in a pair of eyes. You can make worms in different colors and sizes and have a fun pull toy.

Pinwheel - Place two contrast colored paper sheets one above the other. Cut the four corners and glue the alternate tip. Fold and glue the same color tips together. Open up a paper clip; now fix the clip on a small piece of chart paper in a way that the stick, the pinwheel and a cork also are fixed by it. Blow it and make it spin. You can add special effects to your pinwheel by using paints and geometrical figures on the spokes. Glow strickers can also be used to decorate it.

Butterfly - Fold the opposite corners of a squared shaped paper in such a way that it meets the other end. Now fold the lower flap upward. Cut the shape of the head from a different colored paper and paste it in the center of the folded wings of the butterfly and draw its eyes and lips.

Any child with a desire to create and decorate will love the many ideas of this art. Origami is an unexpected and amusing art which can be learned and made with minimum resources. It can be a source of fun on boring days and a source of inspiration on present giving days.