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Easter Paper Crafts

For making Easter paper crafts, there are some basic tools that one will need. These may include brightly colored Manila paper, olive oil, a paint brush and paper towels. There are numerous options and alternatives available for making Easter paper crafts, and what is actually important is to determine the kind of craft that one needs to make. It is possible to make crafts ranging from animals, birds, baskets, flowers, symbols and virtually anything that one can think of.

One of the most common Easter paper crafts is the cross. To make a paper cross, one will need to first of all make a drawing of the cross on the paper. This paper should preferably be colored so that the craft may come out in a more interesting and striking color. The color chosen will depend on the liking of the person engaged in making the craft.

After drawing the pattern of the cross, the outline of the cross is cut out. Already, the cross will be made, especially if the color and quality of the paper used are very good and it looks appealing enough.

However, in case the paper is not colored, or if the individual wishes to add some creativity, a small amount of olive oil is put in a cup after cutting out the cross. Then, using a paint brush, the olive oil is brushed all over one side of the cross. This is the side that will form the back of the cross. At this point, the whole cross will be oiled, and paper towels can be used to absorb any excess oil that may be left. The importance of this oil is to make the paper translucent. From there, when the semi-transparent paper cross is held by tape on a window, the images will appear to be radiant.

The other example of an Easter paper craft is Easter cards. This card can be made in a few minutes using papers and a small punch. A piece of decorated paper is glued to a card paper. Then, another rectangular piece of paper is cut, and placed in front of the card. Thereafter, an orange paper is cut in the shape of carrots, and glued on top of the rectangular piece put on top of the card paper.

It is apparent that making paper crafts is one of the easiest and most diverse forms of crafts.