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Free Paper Crafts

Paper craft is a very pleasing art and myriad if creativity can be expressed by cutting, mixing and decorating a variety of colourful papers. Every qualified person has to go through this art during the schooling. Craft work needs a healthy imagination and creativity. It is always advised that this artistic work shall be to done with a lot of patience for a dynamic output. Hustle-bustle may always lead to bad or not up to mark results. Children are font of craft classes as it makes their life colourful and the only reason being the colour papers and the finesse art work.

A countless of art work can be made subjected to imagination and creativity which lays a very important role in craft work for example Ribbon Journals, Folding Butterfly etc.

Supplies for Ribbon Journals are 6"x 6"Card board quantity 2 Nos., 6"x 6"paper quantity 2 Nos., A roll of a satin ribbon, striking stickers, some extra papers, 6"x 6"ordinary blank Paper quantity 25 Nos., hole-punch, and a glue stick. Compose by means of following instructions; Stick the 6x6 paper on the either side of the 6x6 card board, punch 4 holes on the left hand side of the card board as similar for filing a paper. Punch holes on the ordinary blank paper to match the hole of cardboard. Pass the satin ribbon through the holes and tie it on the opposite side and further stick a decorative marble paper on the front side of the cardboard to make it more attractive. Finally stick the striking colourful stickers on the front side to give a fine tuning. Further to proceed with folding butterfly a square shaped paper is shall be availed and has to be diagonally folded into two equal halves to form a triangle, place the triangular paper on the table such that one corner stays on the top. Take the right and left corners of the paper place it on the top corner press the paper with the nails to form a sharp crease and unfold it two wings will be formed, lower corner at the bottom of the wing shall now be folded to the opposite corner from both side to form a crease. The opposite corner of the bottom of the wings shall be pressed in a manner that it flattens folding on the newly formed crease expanding to opposite side of each with a final product very similar to a butterfly it then be more decorated with colours be attractive.