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Origami Paper Crafts

The simple action of paper folding was made into an art by the Japanese in ancient times and the craft came to be known as Origami. You can make a variety of shapes by just folding paper in certain ways, and it can be the simplest form, to the most complex design. Origami Paper Crafts can be simple enough for a child to learn and also some of the designs are so complex that it can confuse an adult. Origami paper crafts are taught in many schools as certain craft projects and you can also this amazing craft online.

Making Origami Paper crafts is a very interesting hobby and children are particularly fascinated by the shapes that can be created by simply folding paper. Also this hobby is one of the cheapest to pursue as it only requires paper and method of folding it. These techniques of folding paper are available on many websites for free, and you can find them by a simple search online. If you are really interested in pursuing Origami as an art form, there are various forums and online groups which can help you. This way you can also find the patterns you are looking for and get all the help you need.

Origami Paper Crafts need patience and an eye for detail. The folds have to be exact and need to meet at the corners, and so do the edges. A slight inaccuracy in this and you can end up with a weird shape. Especially the models which require many folds have to be done properly from the start and each fold has to be completed accurately.

You should choose the right kind of paper while doing Origami paper crafts. This will again depend on the type of design and shape you are attempting. For simple shapes, textured paper will work fine, and you can also use paper with designs. For a little more complex shapes you can use thinner paper having solid colors. The best type is foil-backed paper which is used by experts, as this paper's fold cannot be smoothed if you make a mistake. This paper has a thin foil stuck to the usual paper and gives a contrast when folded. The folds hold very well in this paper and places with many folds will not unduly bulge. It is also advisable to make the folds without the support of the table and make them only in your hands.