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Paper Craft Mask

Masks bring to mind Halloween and theme parties, and also the fun of making these masks. Paper craft mask is an interesting project and can really bring out the creativity in you. Although it looks simple you can have a lot of improvisations to it to make it look really stunning. It is also a fun project for children as kids just love to wear masks and are also very happy making them.

One of the simplest ways of making paper craft mask is with paper plates. The paper plate is already of the correct thickness which you need for the mask and has also got the round shape. You just need the correct picture or a good drawing in the front and to carefully cut out the holes for the eyes and nose. Then you need to attach the string or elastic and your mask is ready. This simple mask can be embellished with many other things to make it look much better.

Apart from paper plates you will need some construction paper, paint, markers, cotton wool and glue. There is an easy way of making a rabbit mask with paper plates. On one paper plate trace the shape of two rabbit ears and cut it accordingly and then paste a pink colored construction paper on them. Taking another plate you can make the face, and stick a ball of cotton wool on the forehead area where usually a rabbit has more fur. Staple or paste the two ears which you have made on the sides and then make the appropriate wedges for the mouth and eyes. Connect the elastic on the two sides of the plate and your rabbit face mask is ready.

Super hero masks are also very popular and again these can be a fun project for a paper craft mask. Get a print out of the face of the superhero of a suitable size depending on the size of the face of the wearer. You can get a computer printout and then carefully cut the outline, and stick thicker paper at the back to make it sturdy. If you are doing batman you can correctly cut the mask so that the mouth and jaw is left uncovered as in the actual character.

There are so many designs you can pick for a paper craft mask and you can get some really unique ones online. There are paper masks which cover the full face, while come cover only the top part, while some cover only the eyes.