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Paper Craft Products

Paper craft is a wonderful way to create lot of innovative stuff. The paper craft industry is booming with innumerable products being made of paper. The Paper craft creations can range from the simple paper gift box, to paper lamp shades. There are lots of wall hangings or show pieces made entirely from paper. Then there are gift boxes made from this paper craft, which come in so many different paper designs and colors. The shape of the gift box can vary from a cylindrical shape to even a box shaped like a star. You just need to see them to believe them.

Hand made paper is the latest craze all over the globe. Not only does it look extremely appealing, it also is a wonderful way to go green and save the environment as the hand made paper is usually made from recycled paper. The whole process is done manually with by skilled artisans who have specialized in this creative art. There are varieties of hand made paper with exquisite designs and some are embellished with glitter and decorative material. These hand made paper creations can be used in scrap booking, journals, letter writing, decorative writing, packing of gifts, as a cover on other decorative items, for home d?cor and quite a lot of uses too. These paper crafts are a wonderful gift idea and they never cease to create awe in the minds of the people who receive them as gifts.

We all have used paper bags for shopping. But did you know that the paper bags are also an art and can be made with this hand created paper? There are wonderful and marvelous designs in paper bags offering not only functional usability but also visual attractiveness.

Pen holders can also be created from paper. There are very alluring designs of pen holders and holders meant to hold pencils of various thicknesses all made of paper. Paper lanterns were a common sight in China and probably it was from there that the trend passed on to the whole world. What ever be the country of origin, the paper lanterns are a treat to behold. Just think of the wonderful paper lantern in the shape of a star which is hung up at Christmas above the door? How wonderful they look with all those numerous holes well shaped and well designed to allow light to seep through, making the view almost otherworldly.