Paper Craft Punches

Craft involves a use of a whole lot of materials, not limited to paper alone. There might be crafts done using tough and hard to penetrate materials like leather or thick plastic. Due to the very nature of the craft, the whole activity does include folding, creating holes to pass a string or for other reasons, etc. A normal paper punch cannot handle the tougher materials. It necessitates the use of a specialized punch typically created to handle all the tough materials. Punches used for craft are quite different from the normal paper punch and these punches are known as Craft Punches.

While making a scrap book there is a need for different shapes and sizes of paper or other material to be cut out. The normal paper punch just helps in punching a simple hole through the paper and would not help in punching shapes. The craft punches are of various different types and sizes. The cut away punches offer funny designs like the ghost outline for use on Halloween and there are other shapes like the witch on a broom, snow flakes etc. Some are large enough to be kept on a table to be used. Some are small and can easily be handled manually and also can be handled with ease by using just one hand.

The shapes punched out by craft punches are numerous like flowers, balloons, leaves, alphabets, triangle, rectangle, chevron etc. There are different sizes like 1/2", 3/4 ", 1 1/2 " 1 1/4 ", 2 ", 3", 3 1/2" etc

In addition to the designs above, there are many craft punches that are sold as a group of 4 or 6 different designs to make them more economical. So with just 1 pack of craft punch, you can have 4 or 6 different designs to be punched out. The price range is between 7 to 15 US dollars and is quite economical. These craft punches can be purchased from any of the craft shops or could be purchased online. There are hoards of web sites which have a wonderful collection of different shapes and sizes of craft punches. Buying online is a very good option as there are more than thousands of varieties to choose from. Just browse through all the different web sites and then buy what you have liked or what suits your need. Most of the websites offer secure payment methods, so that you can shop online without any worries.