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Paper Crafts Animals

One way you can help your kids enjoy their time at home is by engaging them in various paper crafts. For instance, one of the kid's favorite is making paper craft animals. This can be done in various ways. For this article, let us try to see how you can guide your kids to make paper crafts animated jars. Your kids can easily help you to give a new lease of life to the glass jars you use at home using paper crafts.

All you need is some clean glass jars preferably empty, a felt pen of any kid's favorite color, some pom poms to make animal noses, a pair of scissors, some white glue, sets of wiggle eyes and some white craft paint. Once these materials are gathered, the next step is to get creative and decode on the animals to craft.

Get some patterns from internet sites dedicated to crafts or to paper crafts specifically about how to make the paper craft animals. Print these patterns before starting out on the project so that they can guide you.

You can now call the kids together and let them help you to make the paper craft animal jars. Remove the lids from your jars and then paint them with a thin layer of white paint. Let the paint to dry before you line the lids with glue. You can then place lids onto the felt ensuring that the glue side is on the underside. Carefully wrap the felt around the lids and the jars rim. Press snugly until the glue holds.

If the felt is firmly held by the glue, you can then trim any excess all around the edges of the jar rims and lids. You can now return the already felted lids to your jars. The next step is to let the kids choose their favorite animal faces and then to cut them out from your paper patterns. For each face, you must also cut out additional pieces to finish the animals, such as ears, beaks, cheeks and trunks.

Create as many animal-faces as possible and then glue them on to the felted glass jars. Ideally, you should use papers cutouts of contrasting colors such that the eyes are blue, ears red, noses pink and such kind, based on your kids preferences.

Some fine details such as long and thin paper strips for a dog's whiskers glued on top of the dog's cheeks can make the jars immaculately attractive. You can now glue the pom poms to denote the animal's noses and then glue on the wiggle eyes.