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Paper Crafts Patterns

Paper crafts patterns have been around for centuries although you may not have realized it. The original paper crafts pattern, the oldest forms in the world, is Origami. This art of folding paper into a wide range of different shapes and figures was first developed in China even though it is credited as being a Japanese art form. Regardless of where this paper folding art came from, it has become one of the longest enduring paper crafts patterns in the world.

It is interesting to note that while the Orient seems to be the birthplace of paper folding and paper crafts patterns it is not the only area on the face of the earth that has paper folding as part of its culture. France and Spain developed their own form of paper folding in the 16th Century. The inhabitants made it a practice to fold important documents, such as baptism papers, into little bird figures.

Additionally, the traditional form of paper folding did not use any form of glue or pasting. All of the paper was tucked into one another in such a way that the form did not lose shape. Paper crafts patterns, as mentioned earlier, can be simple or complex. Many Origami designs that you can find online or in your local craft shop are as simple as a birthday hat or even airplanes that are supposed to be aerodynamic. But much more complex patterns are also available and many of these pieces are actually folded out of colored foil instead of paper. Foil can be manipulated easier and it is not as bulky as paper.

Paper crafts patterns can also use more than one piece of paper to create the final object. If you are using an Origami pattern, you will notice that the standard size of the paper is six inches square. There are base folds that each pattern will start out with which are then added to as the figure takes shape.

This art of folding paper is so popular that the folded Origami crane has become the Japanese symbol of peace. Incidentally, the American Museum of Natural History that is located in New York City puts up a Christmas tree each year that is decorated with nothing more than Origami animals.

If you want to learn how to fold paper in the Origami style simple search for the phrase 'paper crafts patterns' on the Internet. You will be amazed at the selection you are presented with.